Hey im new to this site but i figured it would help first off please forgive me if i posted this question in the wrong area and also to the ppl that can relate to my story god bless you ok here we go i use to be very heavy i weighed 365 lbs diets werent cutting it or anything else so after fighting with my insurance for 6 months i got aproved for the lap band surgery it worked great im down to 189 lbs in just over 10months but heres the bad part there were some bad side effects that put me numbing pain so my doc helped by giving me 10/325 perocets that i was suppose to take 3 times daily i promise you i never took more then two here lies my problem i had to break them up so they wouldnt get stuck in the band there for they didnt last as long i was back in pain so he gave me oxycontin on top of the perks 10mgs two times a day i didnt have to crush them cuz they were small so anyway after 6 months i admitted to myself i got to stop before it gets bad im on day two of cold turkey from the oxys and its been hard some aniexty but mainly i feel sick im not going back i have a fighters personailty im tampering off the perks instead of breakin them up i cut them in halfs and in 3 days will cut down to 1 10mg perk a day i just want to no when ill feel better im scared i never will i no i can beat this please any1 that can help words welnt say enough how grateful ill be god bless all of you