... it. It really upsets me when I hear the people around me unsuccessfully trying to be secretive about having a prescription for it. How can I deal with them being so inconsiderate and insensitive when they whisper and shake their bottles and do not even think about how this might get to me? I try to ignore it but it doesn't work. I feel like such a loser because I am so weak over this. I understand that addiction will do this to you but all of these people I know are addicted to alcohol, marijuana and every other drug in the book... yet they can get easily prescribed when they actually don't need it. These are the people who get it and trade or sell it and ruin it for us that need it. I can't believe my Dad would accept this medication knowing what it did to my life and take into consideration that I had to move back in with him as a 29 year old. It ruined my life, took my money and a lot of my possessions. I am in recovery and these freaks can't seem to get that. I mean, come on... I have hung out with people who were on probation and could not smoke marijuana. Even I wasn't that out of it because I had enough respect not to smoke it around them. I want to be off drugs, I really do... but it seems all of the sudden every single person I come into contact with has a prescription for it when they don't really need it. All of us in this support group DO need it or needed it at one time or we would not be on this board. I wish I weren't so weak. It just seems that for something that is highly addicting and not prescribed that much, doctors are sure passing it out like candy. How can I feel better about this... please somebody help!!!