I am almost 24 years old. I had been thin all my life. I was very muscular too and athletic. When in high school I developed Bipolar Disorder. I kept thin for the first couple of years then about my Senior year I began to gain weight because of the several different medications I had been placed on. I was seeing the only doctor in town that would see a person of my age and he placed me on 13 different pills at once. I was very active in cheerleading and pretty much everything in school. I was a very active teen. I still started to gain weight no matter what I did or how much exercise I did. My senoir year picture from my Junior year picture you can see a drastic change. I gained about pounds. After high school I was old enough to get in with another doctor but he wasnt taking new patients so I began to see my medical doctor on account of me being sick and tired of taking 13 different pills a day and some multiple of the same ones. My medical doc cut me down to about half of what I had been on and I seemed to be doing fine although still gaining weight. I finally got in with another doc to prescribe my medications. I am now on just one pill Serequel XR. But its too late for me I have added a whole other person to myself. I was weighing 125 at 5'5 now i am embarrassed to admit I am 242 :(. My confidence is down I am sad about my appernence I hate pictures to be taken of me I just hate the way I look totally. I have developed dunlap syndrom and thats extrememly depressing streatch marks EVERYWHERE! I cant stand this anymore. I have tried and tried to lose weight but it seems to only add. I have a VERY supportive fiance that tells me I am fine the way I am and he tells me I would be beautiful either way but I still would like to look good for him. I am so down on my looks I dont ever fix myself up anymore. My family constantly is on me about this too. Ny friends friends refer to me as that fat friend. I cant do this anymore! Does anyone know any kind of diets or anything that may help me??? I want to be pretty again :( I would LOVE helpful hints and advice! please anything will help!