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Can some one tell what is the diff between roxy 30 mg andOP OR OPANA?

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Inactive 3 Dec 2011

Roxies are oxycodone. Opana is oxymorphone (a whole lot stronger than oxys). Please be careful.

Inactive 3 Dec 2011

Oh, and the OP stamped on one side of the little round pill, can be oxycontin, but could be other pills too.

karma1961 3 Dec 2011

My Dr gives me roxy 30 mg and roxy 15 mg What I want to know which form of opana would be equievelant to the 30 mg Opana 5 10 20 ectI know nothing about opana's

Inactive 3 Dec 2011

I would start low and increase dosage as needed. Have you considered Fentanyl patches? I love mine, change every 3 days with about 60 15 mg of oxycodone for by pain. You don't need all the acetaminophen. Bad for your liver.
Peace out,

karma1961 4 Dec 2011

Yes I have one the patches And the suckersWAY to addective to me

Inactive 4 Dec 2011

Do you think Opana is not as addicting? OMG ... is of ever. And they are taken twice a day, have a huge abuse potential ... everyone loves oxymorphone. Be careful. free discount card

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