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Can some ADD medicines cause aggressive behavior in children?

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Psyched 17 Oct 2009

Yes. Strattera and Vvanyse have both been known to cause increased aggression/irritability in some children. Please remember though, just because something is a side effect of a medication, NOT ALL PEOPLE experience the side effect... they are listed because they are KNOWN POSSIBLE side effects. Hope this helps.

erinmike2006 18 Oct 2009

I have just recently experienced a episode with my 16 yo daughter. We changed her from concerta to adderall xr and she has become unbearable. I also take adderall but I have done ok with it. In the past 6 years I have found that what works for her doesnt always work for me and vice versa. Good luck !!!

msketa 22 Oct 2009

i believe that it does

kuntrystrong 4 Dec 2009

ive had adhd since i was a kid im 27 and its as bad as ever i take 40mgxr aderall a day yes i calm down and zone in but i am aggitated and snappy on people but when im not on them im hilarious and super hyper and can be annoying but not able to get tasks done its a vicous cycle

script101 3 Dec 2011

I think you partially just described me :). Although I am not necessarily hyper when off it (I have the combined type so I am sometimes hyper when I shouldnt be or just unable to focus or get motivated to get moving when I shouldnt be) I definitely am increasingly snappy and aggitated. My boyfriend also has it and his physician has him on way too low of a dose (but doesnt believe he will take it properly) so I also have to put up with him when his meds wear off halfway through the day. Put two snappy ADHD people in a room together ( i was off it for about a week at some point so I could decide if the medication was causing a problem--- which it wasnt) and youve got a good argument brewing (we both also like to argue psychology, philosophy, and other debate topics) and sometimes some angry words and someone claiming the couch (I like to offer it to myself--- its better than the bed is in the comfort range).

clm1970 5 Jan 2010

Absloutely, being a stimulant, stimulating dopamine, it can cause, agitation, anger and even psychosis. In many people, the stimulant does encite the aggressive behaviors, but, infact they are calm, due to the stimulant. However, you have a calm, irritable individual, who is probably miserable because he or she is calm, but too irritable to think about or do anything productive just causing more aggitation and can cause the individul feel more like a failure... It is a vicious cycle.

jojojo09 12 May 2010

My son takes Adderall and has had no such issues. However, I have seen this problem first hand with another friend's child. In general, rather than helping, it sort of maginfied his social problems. He had been a bit hard to get a long with, this became aggression. His hyperactivity got worse. It is amazing how different one medication can be for each person. They switched to a non stimulant ADHD med, Strattera, and within days he stopped the negative behavior. I'm not saying Strattera will be the right drug in this situation, but I am saying you may have to try several different meds to get the right one. It is worth it when it works. Jo

hernandaz123 13 May 2010

hmm... I thoght ADD/ADHD medication was suppose to make you less aggressive? because all the type of medication i took for ADD/ADHD made me less aggressive, Strattera, Methylphenidate, and Adderall all made me Less Aggressive. But i'm not sure if other mediction like them makes Aggressive Behavior. But i wouldnt know, probally not though. Because thats what that mediction suppose to fix, not make it cause or make worse.

sdively 31 Jul 2011

My son is 8 years old and has been on about every kind of stimulant since he was 5 and my MAJOR complaint for the past 3 years is the AGGRESSION. He is constantly fighting with his siblings. The psyc. then wants to add other meds to see if it will work. I hate this as he shouldnt have to be on 2-3 meds from the side effects of taking just one... I say YES stimulants can cause aggressiveness... as my son is the proof. Now they want him to try Strattera, my concern is he has asthma and it says that Stattera will interact with his Albuterol... so as of right now I am not sure of what to do but all I know is I cannot live with the aggressiveness anymore, and I am certain that the stimulants have a MAJOR part in this... hope this helps!!!

joeiy02 31 Jul 2012

Strattera made my son worse, and didn't work for his ADHD at all. He has been on every single med there is, we are going to try the Daytrana Patch. which is the same medication as Ritalin. My son had diarrhea and vomiting with it so we stopped it. His Psych has also tried anti-depressants, they make him even worse. Stratterra has a 50/50 chance of working.

JMDParker 28 Nov 2011

Yes, it can. Speaking as an adult that took Adderall XR for less than two weeks I can say it made me much more agressive. The regular Adderall doesn't do that to me. I took Ritalin as a child, and it turned me into a zombie. Some people react well to certain types of medications, and others don't. You need to find the one that works best for your child.

Kandyce84 26 Jan 2012

YES!!! I'm 27 yrs old now, but when I was in my teens I was on Dexedrine and I had terrible mood swings and would get really mad over stupid little things, & I'm usually a very bubble outgoing person. I was then put on Adderall & the mood swings & aggressiveness ended. I hope this helped!!! free discount card

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