I have had reaccuring cellulitis onboth my feet and lower legs for about four to four and a half years now. At first I thought I sprained one of my ankles, but then my foot started to feel feverish and swell. As well as my other foot. Within a two to three day period I realized this problem was not going away, but only getting worse. Both of my feet were 3 times thier normal size, and almost a dark purple color. Living about 7 miles from the Hospital, once I got a ride there, The doctor(s) in the ER were shocked to see them and it puzzled them as to what was wrong with my feet, and legs. Stating that it appeared to be Cellulitis, my ER doctor used a certain pen and traced outlines on every darker splotch, and every red area, Perscribed me with an antibiotic. Gave me a shot that was an antibiotic, which I had to stay at least in the waiting are for 15 to 20 minutes. To make sure I wasn't going to be allergic to it. The prescription was for Keflex 500mg. to take four times a day. Since then I've had to go to either the walk-in clinic, hospital or to see my family doctor; which luckily was only once. When she saw how bad it looked and painful it looked, She wrote my some Cephalexin 500mg to be taken