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Can second hand marijuanna smoke cause you to fail a drug test?

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christineATU 18 Jan 2011

No, that is almost impossible. However, there are other substances that can cause a false positive for THC including some medicines.

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beanmarie 18 Jan 2011

I love you sis, but this time I respectively disagree. Several years ago, I was taken to the emergency room because of an illness I have and I was very lethargic, really out of it. In my town, when you "present" like that, they do an automatic drug screening. I do not, have not, and will not use pot, but my test came back positive, because I am next to my guy every night when he uses (smokes) his medicinal, prescribed pot to help with the pain that he suffers. I would not have thought it possible, but my test came back positive, and my doctor about layed an egg. I explained to her but she did not believe me. She said "The tests don't lie." So I have first hand knowledge and obviously, the results of that test did give a false positive. Also, my daughter used pot many years ago, and her children tested positive; both of them.

pridewar12 18 Jan 2011

It is highly unlikely

beanmarie 19 Jan 2011

Highly unlikely it my seem, but can't be that high. Not only did I test positive, but my daughter was using it around her children and they both tested positive. It may seem highly unlikely to you, but it's certainly not to me. Under my circumstances, It seems a lot more likely since three in my family have tested positive, and my advice to anyone having a drug screen done, is to keep it clean, because highly unlikely may be sitting at your front door. Not meaning to be argumentative, but I'm sorry, I've seen it before, narrowingh the odds down a bit don't you think... God bless and I hope this person is going to look at ALL of the possibilities, instead of just ignoring it because as you say, it is "almost impossible." I guess it just comes down to what kind of a chance you want to take. The odds may be in the unlikely corner, but remember, there is always more than one corner. I hope everything works out for you ok... beanmarie

pridewar12 19 Jan 2011

First people in the history of mankind. Cuz I know people who are constantly around weed who don't smoke and have passed drug tests

oxyaaron 19 Jan 2011

Sorry chris, but i do know that it can be passed through second hand.

pridewar12 18 Jan 2011

100% NO! No no no no no no, unless u were in the smallest car ever with all the windows rolled up and 2 of ur friends were blazing 9 blunts while they took u to the drug test. And even then no

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oxyaaron 19 Jan 2011

Sorry but you are off on this one, it can most definetly get into second hand, and if you arent outside there is a very good chance it will.

beanmarie 26 Jan 2011

thanks oxyaaron, Nice to find someone else with an open mind. As I said, it happened three times in my family, so as I see it, better safe than sorry.

youdontknownothing 9 May 2013

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