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Can Pradaxa replace Wafarin for patients with AF caused by rheumatic heart valve?

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pup6767 2 Sep 2011

Pradaxa is a simpler and safer drug than coumadin (warfarin). Your a-fib from having RF is not really any different from other a-fibs out there. RF damaged your mitral valve... that is a "flow" problem in the heart. The AFib is a "conduction" problem in your heart. Don't really know if your AF was caused by RF or not. At any rate... a-fib causes turbulent "flow" while passing through your heart valves and throughout the pulmonary system. When there is "turbulent flow" compared with "smooth" there is always the chance for clots to form and when clots form and go to places like your lungs... it can be very serious. I hope this clarified some things for you...

suzanne66 3 Sep 2011

Check with your specialist.
Pradaxa is only approved to treat non-valvular AF (meaning where the heart valves are not the cause of the AF).

ogi 6 Sep 2011

Thanks, Pup & Suzanne. Appreciate the answers. free discount card

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