Can pain med dosage when changing meds be accurately estimated by conversion to oral morphine dose?
From what I can tell quantitatively, the Fentanyl 50 patch I was taking is the rough oral morphine equivalent of 195 mg/day. My current dosage of Opana ER @ 40 mg/day however, according to the calculator on the Opana website, is the equivalent of 120 mg/day of oral morphine. Am I missing something? The numbers seem to indicate that I'm on 62% of my original dosage if you convert to oral morphine dosages to have a basis for comparison. There has been no mention of further dose titration. I'm wondering if a mistake has been made by the pain clinic, since qualitatively I'm in more pain and have had additional limitations on how functional I am since the switch. I was informed the level of pain relief should have been the same by the Nurse Practitioner.