I have had RSD for 20 years in my feet and legs - feels like I am on fire.
I was doing well with the pain controlled on a combo of Percocet 40mg
and Methadone 40mg, when my pain doctor got a wild hair. She needed
to follow her care quidelines and get me off a combo of drugs and on a
single drug. Oh, mercy! I was put on 40mg of Methadone only with very
little pain control. Then I was put on Percocet 30mg only with even less
pain control. Then I was put on Oxycontin l5mg twice a day with barely
any pain control. She has increased the Oxycontin to 20mg in the day
and 40mg at night - my pain is always worse at night. I do believe my
pain is getting worse since I have gone now for over 2 months without
good pain control. The doctor does not believe me about the increase
in pain and wants me to "keep trying" the 20mg/40mg routine. I try to
tell her that daytime is fair - pain score is about 4 with a constant low
level burn - but night time is really bad. I wake up between 3 and 4am
with my legs on fire. They are a purplish-red and physically hotter than
the rest of my body. My pain score is around 7 and I know what Hell
feels like. I have nothing for break through pain so I have to just wait
until I can take the day time 20mg Oxycontin. By this time I am in such
pain that it does almost no good. I just cannot go on much longer like
this. She is the only pain specialist here and the internists will not
even talk to me. Has anyone had the belief that Oxycontin makes
their pain worse?