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Can Neurontin 300mg, Madopar 250mg, Celebrex 200mg and Princi B Fort take at the same time ?

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LaurieShay 17 Nov 2011

Unfortunately, two of the drugs mentioned, madopar and prinici B fort, are not in the interactions database so am unable to check if you can take these medicines together. Best to discuss with the pharmacist or with the doctor.

The neurontin and the celebrex are ok to take together.

Inactive 17 Nov 2011

Hello Laurie. Hope that you're doing well. If you have the time can you help this lady who posted a question about tapering on oxycodone, her name is Sandy. I've kept contact with her, as you'll read but I know nothing about the pain drugs, how to taper and so on. Shes going through a rough time of it. Thanks, we'll catch you later,

LaurieShay 18 Nov 2011

Will do, pledgy.

Inactive 18 Nov 2011

Friday morning, and up half the night (what else is new huh?) Thanks Laurie, I saw that you answered her. Have a good one, got down to 35 this morning Brrrr ! Theres coffee, just made so feel free and help yourself. bye bye

LaurieShay 18 Nov 2011

Good morning Pledgy, up and adam!! Sorry to hear it was a rough night. I'll take ya up on the coffee though, be right there with my woolies on, lol.

Jessyelena 23 Mar 2012

Thank you, I've been having Knee Pain & the Dr. Prescribed Celebrex but it's not helping much & I take my Sons Neurontin to help me deal with the Knee Pain. free discount card

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