Hi, I am 18 years old and was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism about 2 months ago. I started off with half the pill but I had terrible side effects that included a heavy pulse around my ears whenever I was active and my doctor told me that I should take .25 instead and work my way up eventually. This worked for a bit until I suddenly felt a weird dizziness spell one night after taking the .25 for about a month. I was eating dinner with my family and all of a sudden I got a weird pressure in my ears and temples and felt like my head was spinning and I just felt like I was floating and my legs and arms became a little numb. Ever since then I've been traumatized and have developed some anxiety-- mainly because of that event and also because I am moving for college for the first time and am a bit stressed about the move away from home as well as stressed about feeling this dizzy feeling again ALONE. Ever since that night I have noticed that when taking my .50 dosage of synthroid in the morning I am okay all day until around 7 at night when the medicine I suppose starts to wear off. Could this mean that I am getting the dizziness because of a low hormone level and that I should up the dosage to the entire pill instead of half? I know the anxiety does not help either but I am hoping the low dosage is the MAIN problem? I am seeing my doctor in 2 days in which I will talk to her about all of this(Wednesday). Any comments are much appreciated! I am just so worried of being so young and having this problem! THANK YOU!