I posted this somewhere else, but if I guess it wasn't the right place. Thank you for your time. I am on suboxone and thought I should switch in case of an emergency where I am in serious pain... kidney stones aren't fun, but if seems it doesn't mater anyway. I don't know what to do. I went to the E.R. and they found the cysts and the stone and the Dr. prescribed me loratab and when I asked him why considering the naloxone in subs would make me violently ill... he just simply said well don't take it for two days then take the loratab. I'm just confused... Really, I have to go through 2 days of w/d's to get any pain relief. I want to be proactive and I am my best advocate, in some cases, so far I haven't had any unbearable pain. I would like to know what if any options do I have to recomend to my Dr. or emergency staff b/c contrary to popular belief they don't always know what to do. I've had them standing over me, while I was methadone w/dn staring at book. Their best colaboration was haldol which locked me up in Tardive Dyskenesia. This sent my heart rate over 150 BMP. I just hope soemone out there has had an issue and knows what I should recomend... just in case. I do have a baby to take care of and he's awesome, but very active!! I have to be on point. Any feedback is appreciated. ANY!!!