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Can morphine sulphate 30mg pills be injected?

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minngon 2 Apr 2011

Whats the reason to get morphine injected? concern but want to helpful

duckworthy 5 Apr 2011

Dear Nergal,

As Mingon stated in his/her reply, I, too, am not sure why you would want to do such a thing. While I suppose converting a tablet to an injectible format could be done, I would want first and foremost want to caution you about the potential dangers posed by the inactive ingredients contained in morphine sulfate 30mg tablets (I happen to take these, also). While not commonly known, often times these other ingredients present a far greater danger to someone attempting to make a pill form of a drug into an injectible, than does the risk of overdosing from the active ingredient itself! So, before you try anything of this sort, please keep that little tidbit of information in mind.

On the otherhand, if it's a matter of you finding that the tablets are not addressing your pain sufficiently, you may want to consider discussing an increase of your current dose and/or frequency with your doctor. The good thing about morphine sulfate IR tablets is that, unlike so many other opiate-based medications, they do not contain aspirin or acetaminophen, the latter being particularly dangerous for the liver and kidneys in high dose amounts.

Furthermore, morphine sulfate is also available in both liquid (for oral administration) and injectible (for intramuscular or subcutaneous administration only - NOT intravenous administration) preparations. Both can be purchased at a regular pharmacy with the appropriate prescription (I've been prescribed both over the years - be forwarned: the oral variety tastes so WAY beyond awful, I can't even describe it... Dioxin, or perhaps, DDT, come to mind, although I've never tasted either before... ).

Anyway, I hope I somehow managed to answer your question. I don't want to harp on it, but please bear in mind what I said about the dangers of inactive ingredients if a pill is somehow converted to an injectible format.


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