I started taking 2 mg's of Mirapex a day almost a year ago and now Im in legal trouble because I couldn't seem to beat the desire to keep getting them. The money just felt good and I didn't even need it. When I hit my limit I started using my wifes name to get more, and thats why its a legal issue now, but it's like I read about people who started gambling, same feeling. I just wanted to get more and more of these loans and man am I in a mess, not to mention Im disabled and take Vicoprophen and xanax 3 times a day, lexipro, trazodone, avalide, toprol, nexium, and crestor. Try finding a lawyer that know how to defend someone with these conditions and its impossable. Please write me at the address below if you can offer any help. Im being turned over to collections by most of these people, charges filed on me by my wife and I have no idea why I even did it, other than it just filled an urge. I also signed up for multiple bank accounts, and again, God only knows why?? I dont, and its hard to explain to people that aren't taking this stuff. Im sure the prosecuting attorney and judge will just say, huh? and throw away the keys. mustangmark@rocketmail.com