My guy was diagnosed about 1/1/2 yrs. ago with genital herpes. When he first told me,
we talked about it. We both came from long relationships before we met.
He was given a pill to take once a day. Don't know the name of it.
I went to my Drs, to tell him about my guy being diagnosed.
I was given a prescription just in case.
I take Zovirax--400 mg. I have had 3 outbreaks,the medicine works fast.
Four years ago when we met we had a great sex life. Just before he was diagnosed,
I noticed that he was slowing down sexually.
.He is not as interested as before. We have sex maybe once or twice a month lately.
I told him that I want & need him more.
We are always together, we are committed to eachother.
He is 61 & I am 64. Can it just be his age?
Is there something else I can do?
I think he is embaressed to talk about it so we just cuddle up in bed & I am not nagging. We continue to be affectionate
I appreciate any suggestions.
Thank You!