I was on prednisone for two months to treat low platelets. As a result my blood sugar went up to 300. I'm not a diabetic, though it is genetic. I tried two diabetic meds: glucophage and amaryl, but had to discontinue due to side effects, but it did lower blood sugar well. I went to an endocrinoligist who ran tests and determined that I am producing insulin at normal levels. So technically I'm still not diabetic. Once I srarted 100mg Januvia I noticed that my night time monitoring if sugar is higher on this medication than with the others. Doctor won't say when I can get off this stuff since officially I'm not diabetic. On other medications, blood sugars would be 85 to 110 at any time. Even if I eat a wee bit of something sweet. On Januvia, nightly reading today was 183 after eating a bit of sweet granola this morning. I fear I will be on this forever. My theory, however uneducated, is that it is a milder med and as my blood sugar stabilizes on its own, Januvia will lower it more.