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Can I take Vyvanse and Nuvigil at the same time? My doctor said yes?

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suzanne66 10 Dec 2010

Yes, there appears to be no significant drug interactions.
The only possible interaction may be that the Nuvigil takes slightly longer to be absorbed. If you are noticing that it's taking longer for the Nuvigil to have an effect you could separate the doses apart by a few hours.,1475-2533

Inactive 11 Apr 2012

I agree that there are no interactions of note yet identified, however I disagree with your possible interaction of Nuvigil absorption. Nuvigil is rapidly and almost completely mobilized by the body, while the mechanism of Vyvanse, innocuous via any route but oral and requiring it to digest into therapeutic metabolites takes nearly 2 hours to reach peak levels in the system. By the time the Vyvanse has broken down into good old stimulant, the Nuvigil should be long absorbed into the system.
On a note of incident, depending on the dose of Vyvanse, Nuvigil shouldn't even be apparent of action to the patient. The wakefulness promoting aspect and the mild stimulant/euphoric effects of Nuvigil and Provigil alike are not even comparable to the same resulting effects Vyvanse produces. In other words, you'll feel the Vyvanse, not the Nuvigil regardless of when the doses are taken.

slamina 21 Jul 2012

I also take 70 mg. Vyvanse daily and recently my neurologist gave me samples of Nuvigil which I will take in place of the Vyvanse but find it doesn't keep me awake near as well as the Vyvanse but it wears off so fast.
They are considering adding the 2 meds. together but it sounds as if I will not notice the effects from the Nuvigil if taken along with Vyvanse. Is this the case and what can be done about this severe fatique and inability to function?
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