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Can I take st johns wort and chantix together?

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st. john's wort interacts with more than 300 other drugs.
Chantix (varenicline) interacts with 2 other drugs.

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st. john's wort ↔ food
Applies to: st. john's wort
GENERALLY AVOID: An isolated case report suggests that foods containing large amounts of tyramine may precipitate a hypertensive crisis in patients treated with St. John's wort. The mechanism of interaction is unknown, as St. John's wort is not thought to possess monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibiting activity at concentrations achieved in vivo. The case patient was a 41-year-old man who had been taking St. John's wort for seven days prior to presentation at the emergency room with confusion and disorientation. The patient recalled last eating aged cheese and having a glass of red wine approximately 10 hours prior to admission. No other cause of delirium or hypertension could be identified.

MANAGEMENT: Until further information is available, patients treated with St. John's wort should consider avoiding consumption of protein foods in which aging or breakdown of protein is used to increase flavor. These foods include cheese (particularly strong, aged or processed cheeses), sour cream, wine (particularly red wine), champagne, beer, pickled herring, anchovies, caviar, shrimp paste, liver (particularly chicken liver), dry sausage, figs, raisins, bananas, avocados, chocolate, soy sauce, bean curd, yogurt, papaya products, meat tenderizers, fava beans, protein extracts, and dietary supplements. Caffeine may also precipitate hypertensive crisis so its intake should be minimized as well.,2291-2422

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