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Can I take relicore with zoloft?

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Inactive 9 Aug 2010

Can you check the spelling on relicor... could it be relion? and please be specific with the doses of relion- and which one is it, there are different ones.-


dmfdjttor57 9 Aug 2010

Hi Maso, just wanted to say hello and i hope my answer on this is regarding the otc med i spoke of, it's a "woman" thing so i'm pretty sure that is what she meant, but now i've got to look up "relion" as i don't know what it is. If we could all know as much as you... keep up the good work!

dmfdjttor57 9 Aug 2010

let's hope it is Relacore she meant, as there are about 680 other meds that react w/some relion and zoloft could certainly be one, but as you said, what kind, dose? I'm sure her Dr. would have been the prescriber for both tho and hopefully would know what she could take w/what, that is why i think it's the otc Relacore.

Inactive 9 Aug 2010

ReliOn/Novolin R

The body produces insulin which is a hormone. I t lowers glucose levels in the blood.-

Take care

dmfdjttor57 9 Aug 2010

i believe you are speaking of Relacore, an otc medication used to supposedly treat "belly fat," am i correct? If that is the case, the zoloft should have no effect on the Relacore, but i would certainly do more research on the Relacore, it's not an FDA approved medication and I don't believe there is anything other than diet and exercise that is going to help w/fat, wish it weren't true, but afraid it is. I am very leary of all of the otc meds that claim to be able to help you lose weight, alot of them contain dangerous herbs and other ingredients that they later find can cause heart failure, stroke and many other extremely serious conditions. If it is something that truly works for you, i would hate to say quit taking it, but does it? You need to let your Dr.

Inactive 9 Aug 2010

You go the extra mile, admiriable!!!

dmfdjttor57 9 Aug 2010

thanks Maso, but none of us compare to you re the "extra mile." a compliment from you is much appreciated tho, i must say. Dede

i would ask the pharmacist. i was gonna start taking st. johns wart when i was on birth control. i called my pharmacist and asked was it ok... he said the st johns wart would kill my birth control! i have my tubes tied now. but anyways... st johns wart is a herbal supplement that suppose to improve your mood. like an herbal anti-depressant. so if an herbal medication can affect a prescription i believe anything can!

dmfdjttor57 11 Aug 2010

is this answer in regards to another question someone posted or the one re Relacore and Zoloft? I am not certain what St. JOhns Wart or birth control has to do with this particular post, altho there was another post that questioned something similar. If this is for this post, it is rather off subject, but we both told her to check w/Dr. and do some research on the Relacore. As far as St. Johns Wort goes, YOU need to do some research on that because, herbal supplement or not, it does not work for depression and can interact with many many drugs, so your best bet is to check into it more thoroughly and see if it is something you wish to continue.

i dont believe my answer was off subject at all. the question was will one medication affect the other. i said to call the pharmacist and ask because of what i went thru with st johns wart and my birth control. im just saying its possible for some medications to interact badly with others. the only way to know for sure is to call your pharmacist. some dr's dont really think about the scripts you're on when they give you something else. but if she is taking an OTC pill for belly fat, then it is possible that it could interfere with her zoloft or whatever it was she was on. im just saying that i had an OTC med that intereferred badly with my script birth control. i felt like it was relavent. sorry if you didnt.

and no, im not taking the st johns wart. i was gonna take it a few years back because it was suppose to be a mood altering herbal supplement. thats why i called the pharmacist and talked about it. when he told me that it would make my birth control less effective, i never took it. the relacore could make her zoloft less effective. thats all i was saying. she should check up on it... thats all free discount card

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