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Can I take promethazine as a substitute for phenergan while pregnant?

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zeynab.siahnouri 30 Jan 2012

Based on limited information gathered from reports of pregnant women who have used this medication, however, there is no strong evidence to suggest that it causes birth defects. If you become pregnant while taking the drug, your healthcare provider will weigh the benefits and potential risks before making a recommendation.

Taking Phenergan during the last two week of pregnancy also seems to decrease the ability of blood platelets to stick together in both the mother and the newborn.This could potentially cause problems with excessive bleeding.

good luck..

Mommy#1 30 Jan 2012

Thanks so much for your information! Im am going to be a first time mommy and was really scared to take this kind of med, it was prescribed by my doc, for my nausea and vomiting which I get almost all day everyday!

zeynab.siahnouri 30 Jan 2012

Congratulations dear..
I say about how to control nausa, I hope will be usefull for you..
Nonpharmacologic interventions:
1.Avoidance of triggers:quickly changing position,Supplements containing iron should be avoided until symptoms resolve, as iron causes gastric irritation
2.Dietary changes:frequent high carbohydrate, low fat, small meals
3.Ginger: powdered ginger (1 to 1.5 grams in divided doses over 24 hours) is equivalent to vitamin can use of ginger containing foods
Pharmacologic treatment
1.Pyridoxine:vitamin B6 (10 to 25 mg orally three or four times per day) improves mild to moderate nausea, but does not significantly reduce vomiting.
2.Other antiemetics:promethazine (12.5 to 25 mg every four hours orally, intramuscularly, or per rectum) for the initial choice of antiemetic in who do not respond to pyridoxine..metoclopramide (5 to 10 mg every eight hours intravenously or orally), ondansetron (8 mg every 12 hours intramuscularly or orally..

good luck.

Mommy#1 30 Jan 2012

Thanks Big help!!! :) free discount card

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