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Can I take my ferrous sulfate while Im pregnant?

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suzanne66 2 May 2010

Check with your doctor before continuing with your iron supplement.
It should be fine as iron is often prescribed in pregnancy especially in the later stages.

fall queen 3 May 2010

I agree with VTech to the letter. Fall Queen

fall queen 3 May 2010

Sorry I meant to say I agree with suzanne66, I had just answered a question for a different member and had her name stuck in my head! Again suzanne66 has taken the words right out of my mouth. She is right! Fall Queen

Anonymous 4 May 2010

Gosh, I just REALLY like the Fall Queen. Sorry, I just had to say that.

yes you should be ok taking your iron pills while pregnant. the doctor gave me some while i was pregnant with my second baby because i was anemic. be careful of the mediciine terbutaline/brethene it is used by many obgyn doctors to stop pre-term contractions.. it is not approved by the fda for pregnancy and has harmful risks to the baby. terbutaline can cause brain dammage,autism,development delay,speech disorders,and movement disorders. i have seen first hand the effects of terbutaline/brethene. i was orderd to take it by my obgyn for contractions,and he never told me it wasnt fda approved and i asked the risks and was told there wasnt any and if anything it could just make the baby tired inside of me. you are not supossed to take it for more then 72 hours and my obgyn had me take it for 9 weeks around the clock and towards the end of my preg he doubled the dose, and my son now has speech disorders,developmental delay, and is so far behind he got diagnosed in march as mildly retarded. the doctor orderd dna tests to check my sons chromosomes and dna to see if the gene that carries the retardation is in his dna and it isnt. his dna and chromosomes are normal for a male. so the only thing that could of caused these problems is the terbutaline/brethene. im going through a claim evaluation right now and am planning on sueing the doctor for malpractice and the medical company bcuz they know these risks and they are still selling it to obgyn's and the drug is still being givin to pregnant wemon. my son is also going to be having an mri of his brain to see if he also sufferd brain dammage ,and if thats why hes also so behind. please if you know of any one taking this med tell them to get off it asap bcuz theres safer meds out there to stop contractions in pregnancy. nifedipine is a good one approved by the fda. i took that one with my last pregnancy and it worked good and hes smart and has no problems at all, and its been proven to help and be safe in pregnancy and as of yet there are no known risks free discount card

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