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Can I take methadone one day and then suboxen next for herion withdraws but Im not addicted too nei?

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Inactive 16 Nov 2011

No, please don't do that. Both suboxone and methadone are long acting opiate replacements and you stand a super high chance of an awful condition called precipitated withdrawal setting in. If you take suboxone too soon after either the H or methadone, you will be in precipitation, that is like major major withdrawal and it has to wear off, there is no medicine or h you can take that will stop it. And suboxone blocks other opiates for several days anyway. Bad idea plain and simple.

Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Neither suboxone nor methadone is a stop gap measure to be used when a person runs out of H or any other opiate. Please go to and look suboxone up, note how powerful they say it is compared to morphine. Even tho what I say next may seem inaccurate to pharmacists and other medical professionals, it is easy for a non professional to understand, repeated use of suboxone in an instance such as this will STRETCH out the brain recptors and make your tolerance go up, in addition to the fact that subs will block any other opiate for several days after last use. If you would like more info on how proper use with suboxone could aid you in recovery from the Heroin abuse, let me know. Properly used, it is an excellent and beneficial tool in recovy from opiate dependence/abuse. Too many people think it is a miracle in a pill, and don't do the addiction counseling that is supposed to go along with it.

Inactive 16 Nov 2011

Hi Marzz,
I agree with patti. You might want to check out this website, because you do need to be in withdrawal before taking Suboxone...

I've heard precipitated withdrawal is hell on earth, and you don't need that!!
Sorry, but I don't know jack about heroin. Just thought I'd give you that site, take the test and be as honest as possible.
Best wishes to you Marzz!!

lady from T.O. 16 Nov 2011

Nothing new to add to what's already been said. Patti really does know her stuff and you can trust in what she says 100%.

I guess my only reason for chiming in is to let you know there are people here, like those who have already responded, who do care and want to help you.
You can be 100% honest and no one will judge you.

I hope you do keep coming back,
we need you as much as you need us!

Thor283 16 Nov 2011

I also agree with what has been said. Absolutely do not use Methadone and then Sub. Sub does do something to the brain's receptors that cause other opiates to not work or not work as good. Even trying to go from Sub to Heroin and back to Sub is insane. I knew of someone who was doing that, but he wasn't someone you'd want to copy. I really don't understand how that's even possible because theoretically it shouldn't work. But this guy's Mother was swearing to me it was true. But as I said, he wasn't someone who you'd want to change shoes with. If you know what I mean.

If you can go on Methadone maintenance I recommend that. Eventually you can do a Methadone slow taper. This is better than Sub because of what Sub does to the brain's receptors. And I hate to say this but our medical profession is refusing to believe that Sub does this, so they aren't studying the problem at all.

Thea Is Unhappy 17 Nov 2011

ive been on methadone and subs and the withdrawals on methadone i didnt move from my couch but to use restroom and didnt drink or ate anything for almost a month. Thats when i took my first roxi 30 and thats the only time id do anything. I dont know if this will help.. Then the subs i was on for nine months and got off it was like my mind was racing and i was anxious and ect... But I was going to tell you that I'd rather drtox off the H bcuz the methadone and subs take alot longer to detox from the H only takes 7 days I'M SO SORRY FOR TYPING THIS MUCH IM NEW AND I KEEP SEEING PPL SAYING METHADONE OR SUBOXONE... I just want to WARN any1 from taking those 2 drugs they're just replacing one drug to another..THEY'RE all addictive again im so sorry i hope this helps some1

Inactive 17 Nov 2011

Hey The! Welcome to the site. I agree with you that withdrawal from short acting opiate is much easier than subs or methadone, but really this poster probably will be using it more just to avoid some sort of withdrawal because they are out of their opiate of choice. Please do NOT take offense to what I am about to say next, proper suboxone treatment is NOT simply replacing one opiate with another, subs does heal the receptor problem in the brrain and is useful for those who can not afford to stop working, caring for children, or other resonsibilities. The problem is, most drs only take am 8 hour course to dispense suboxone and they have no idea howmto treat the disease of addiction. Proper use of suboxone includes mandatory addiction counseling, which I would say 85 per cent of people skip because they don't want to admit to anyone they were addicted, they think it is a hassle and say they don't have time or money to do the counseling.

Buddy1971 17 Nov 2011

Like th other person said,if you want to feel about as worse as a person can feel go ahead and take it & feel what TRUE WITHDRAWL is like,but if you do H I'm surprised you haven't already. If you did the methadone after the suboxone you wouldn't the be hurting but the other way,well you know what I said. free discount card

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