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Can I take lorazepam and alprazolam at night to help me sleep?

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Psyched 1 Sep 2009

I wouldn't suggest taking either unless your doctor prescribes you one or the other. I certainly wouldn't take both because they are both benzos and can become highly addictive. Hope this helps.

Robert_325 2 Sep 2009

These drugs are more for panic attacks than for sleep. Both are benzodiazepines, even restoril (temazepam) is a benzo. But it has a totally different half life and is a much better benzo to use for sleep.

Benzos as a rule are NOT for sleep. Some are used occasionally and properly for sleep (like temazepam) but there are other medications designed for sleep vs taking benzos. Benzos work best for anxiety rather than sleep.

tammydonny 13 Sep 2009

I agree with both the posts before me. I definetly wouldn't take both, there would be no benefit from that either since they are basically the same. A lot of people feel groggy from these meds the following day. 1 could be worse than the other for you. I would see what leaves you feeling more refreshed the following day. Personally I prefer lorazepam over clonazapan and alprazolam. I'm curious about something? Why do you feel you need one of these to go to sleep if you also have CFS? I'm not critisizin you, I have CFS and do the same, but I always ? the logic in this. Would just like someone's input. Thanks.

ticktick59 14 Sep 2009

It seems one will not allow me to fall to sleep but if i take both i sleep-its hard to wake up the next morning but at least i wasnt up all night tossing and turning

Srr1111 31 Oct 2016

If your doctor thinks it's the best then I'd ask why as there may be a reason for the unusual combination.

Usually only one benzodiazepine is recommended at a time in a patient, but many doctors after getting to know their patient better may choose to pair two. Still, something like clonazepam would generally make more sense for sleep.

If anxiety or panic are keeping you awake, you may need a more aggressive medication treatment than some people and that may be the reason for the combination. Remember, you shouldn't let others make you feel guilty about your particular medication combination - as long as it's your doctors advice! free discount card

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