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Can I take Levothyroxine with Evista?

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I did an intercation check for you:

Monitor moderate:

Interactions between your selected drugs

levothyroxine ↔ raloxifene
Applies to: levothyroxine, Evista (raloxifene)
MONITOR: An isolated case report suggests that concurrent administration of raloxifene may interfere with the gastrointestinal absorption of levothyroxine. The mechanism of interaction is unknown. A 79-year-old woman stabilized on levothyroxine 0.15 mg/day for several years experienced symptoms of hypothyroidism with an elevated thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) level 2 to 3 months after initiating therapy with raloxifene 60 mg/day. The levothyroxine dosage was gradually increased to 0.3 mg/day over the next several months but TSH level remained elevated nine months after starting raloxifene. To test the possibility of an interaction, administration times of the drugs were separated by approximately 12 hours on two separate occasions lasting 6 to 8 weeks each. In addition, the absorption of 1.0 mg of levothyroxine sodium with and without the coadministration of raloxifene was measured on two occasions by collecting serial blood samples for 6 hours. Results of the studies support the speculation that raloxifene reduced the absorption of levothyroxine in the patient.

MANAGEMENT: Pharmacologic response and serum TSH level should be monitored more closely following the addition of raloxifene to a stable levothyroxine regimen. Patients should consider separating the times of administration as much as possible if an interaction is suspected.

Other drugs that your selected drugs interact with

levothyroxine interacts with more than 100 other drugs.
Evista (raloxifene) interacts with more than 20 other drugs.
Interactions between your selected drugs and food

levothyroxine ↔ food
Applies to: levothyroxine
ADJUST DOSING INTERVAL: Consumption of certain foods as well as the timing of meals relative to dosing may affect the absorption of T4 thyroid hormone (i.e., levothyroxine). T4 absorption is increased by fasting and decreased by foods such as soybean flour (e.g., infant formula), cotton seed meal, walnuts, dietary fiber, calcium, and calcium fortified juices.

MANAGEMENT: Preparations containing T4 thyroid hormone should be administered on a consistent schedule with regard to time of day and relation to meals so as to avoid large fluctuations in serum levels. Foods that may affect T4 absorption should be avoided within several hours of dosing if possible.

I you have doubts about this interaction check I suggest you contact your doctor and discuss it more in depth.-

All the best.-

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