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Can I take Hydrocodone with tramadol for pelvic muscle pain?

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suzanne66 3 Nov 2011

No - you should not take hydrocodone and tramadol together.
There is a risk of you developing a seizure - see the link below for more detailed information.
You should see your doctor if you feel you need more pain relief.,2221-0

Anonymous 3 Nov 2011

Just for fun I went to the site and listed the cocktail of ultram,soma,and hydrcodone... then I added lyrica then,zoloft,all I can say is I am happy to report I am still here minus a few of those drugs and working on the have fibro,but I also have emphysema!shoot!
I know this is all about me but that's just cuz this a.m.I wanted to share this,c.thanx suzanne66 hugs. Wait,I have to catch my breath! ;) free discount card

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