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Can I take Fieorocet and a muscle relaxer together or within a few hrs of each other?

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LaurieShay 25 Sep 2011

Hey emk,

Would be helpful to know which muscle relaxant, but in general there is the potential for central nervous system and respiratory system depression. It can cause your heart and breathing to decrease if you take too much. As long as your doctor is prescribing these two meds and therefore has adjusted the dosages accordingly, you can take them. Otherwise, maybe a dangerous combo if you take too much.

Best wishes,


emk6059 25 Sep 2011

The muscle relaxer is Robxan (sorry s/p?) 750mg And its the off brand of Fieorcet it has caffiene and tylenol in it. I've been on both for an extremly long time but have never taken them in the same day that I can recall both are prescribed for different resasons but my PM dr does know I take both.

LaurieShay 25 Sep 2011

As I mentioned, the following is the link that describes what you need to be aware of when taking these two medicines together:,1588-4703

You should be fine as long as you take as prescribed.

emk6059 25 Sep 2011

Thank u sooo much for your posts & mostly your link! It was very helpful

LaurieShay 26 Sep 2011

You are welcome!! free discount card

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