I've been taking Clonazapem/Klonopin for over 18 years for severe anxiety/panic disorder/agoraphobia. I know how it works with my body, and when I can and can't take it. I have a VERY high tolerance for pain killers, so I've had a standing prescription for percocet (5-325) for almost 12 years. Recently, I've been having some severe problems with a tooth/jaw/gum infection, which causes excruciating pain, and has brought me up to a minimum of 2 percocet every 4-6 hours. It's been 5-6 weeks now since I've been taking that many - along with handfuls of tylenol, aspirin and ibuprofin (so I don't get too much of any one of them).

Now, my doctor - after scaring the crap out of me with the suggestion of methadone - has put me on the 10mcg/hr buprenorphine transdermal system (Butrans). The problem is that everything I read says it's bad juju mixing the butrans with the clonazapem. Mind you, I've been taking the clonazapem with the percocet for over a decade, and haven't had any problems, but this is a different beast. I'm terrified of overdose or addiction, but I'm also terrified of freaking out if I have to give up my anxiety meds. Any hints, suggestions, smoke signals would be greatly appreciated!