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Can I take Citracal with D & Multivatimins with minerals at the same time?

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suzanne66 24 Feb 2010

Yes, but it is best if you don't take them together. For example try taking the Citracal in the morning and the Multivitamins at night.

charroman 24 Feb 2010

Thanks for the answer. It won't work for me. I take Synthroid when I wake up and I was told not to take calcium for four hours after the Synthroid. I haven't been able to figure out the solution. I take two Ciracal at lunch, and the second two at dinner with the Multivitamin at night. I can't take the Multivitamin either until four hours after the Synthroid.

bjuhlman 24 Feb 2010

I know what you mean. I take Prednisone first. Wait 2 hrs. and take 2 Citracal Plus w/bone density builder.Then 3 hrs. later I take Integra Plus(iron & Vitamin C). And another 3 hr. wait for Vitamin B-12.I take 2 Citracal etc. after supper. Wait another 3 hrs. for Micro-K (potassium). And because some of these meds/minerals/vitamins make me itch, I take Atarax when i finally go to bed. If someone can tell me an easier way to take all this crap, I would sincerely appreciate it.

pauline borg 17 Apr 2011

I get lots of gas from taking calcium, get gas pains also. years ago I use to take citracal and it use to say (no gas) on the label. does this still apply to that (no gas) thanks,Pauline

MariononBridge 14 Nov 2011

I take citracal plus bone density builder. You must take two twice a day. When should you take the multivitamin? free discount card

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