I´m 30 years old, weight 130 lbs., I take Nadolol 20mg for the treatment of Mitral Valve Prolapse/Arythmia and I started taking today a herbal supplement called Fucus which has Iodine. The thing is I have a big water retention problem and have developed a lot cellulitis over the years (and the herb should help dissolve localized fat). I´ve always been tested on tyroid function but have always had near to normal results, so maybe a bit of iodine wouldn´t harm. But anyway, It´s always been an issue (my doctors make me always have blood tests on that) and my metabolism is getting slower with the years (so I´m putting up a lot of weight). I searched info on the product (Fucus) and it said I should not take it if I use meds to make the blood more fluid. I don´t know if Nadolol/Corgard is that kind of drug.