I often take Simply Sleep (approx one or two times a week) to ensure a good nights rest. However, I also get a night time "issue" my husband & I call the "itchies". My Dr. has tested for everything in regards to the itchies and believes that it's not a condition to be treated but more anxiety from laying awake and not able to turn off my mind long enough to rest. What works is taking a Benedryl but just for the itchies not for the insomnia... Lately I have found myself taking Simply Sleep around 9pm already knowing it's gonna be a insomnia night... and around 1am scratching away and watching the time tick towards the point of no return. I don't wan to pop a Benedryl (75mg of Diphenhydramine) if it's a risk considering I'm going to be asleep. My husband thinks I should just take 2 Benedryl even for insomnia, I know the active ingrediants are the same but my fear is becoming immune to Benedryl and honestly I'd rather be awake 24hours then to deal with the itchies all night!