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Can I take 30mgs of oxycontin and 30 mgs of amitriptyline and be okay?

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marjorie zych 1 May 2010

I personally think that is one heck of a combination. You may be headed for a LONG sleep if you do that. I would definately NOT mix them it could suppress your breathing significantly. I would call an all night pharmacy to check for dangerous side effects before you take this cocktail please. Let me know what happens please I am worried about you. I will be thinking about you.

mpvt 1 May 2010

did your doctor prescribe you both drugs ... Dave

Inactive 1 May 2010

I would say yes off the top of my head, ive never heard of a tricycle and OC having adverse reactions with each other, but im not a doctor or anything. If its scripted to you then im sure its safe

barrebaby33 14 Jun 2010

im rx'd 75mgs of amitryptiline at bedtime along with an similar dose of opiate pain medication and i do fine... however,ive been taking this combination for SEVERAL years and my amitryp. dose started at 10mgs and over the years was increased to 75mgs so it may be my tolerance but i think u will do fine if you take the amitryptiline before bedtime.

Jass1972 7 Dec 2017

I consider you to not take more than 10 miligrams of Oxycontin and your 30 miligrams of amitriptyline just to be on the safe side. free discount card

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