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Can I take 2.5mg bystolic to calm anxeity while on the catapres tts2 patch with 117 over 70 bp?

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Inactive 29 Apr 2010

Mixing Meds :
You should ask a pharmacists or your helth care provider.
Mixing drugs can lead to danger of your life

Rajive Goel 30 Apr 2010

Right Bucky, the best is to talk with your doc/pharmacist.

Inactive 13 Jun 2010

im not on a catapress patch but im on0.2mg of oral clonodine for high bp(138/99) it was first rx'd to me JUST for bp but then raised for anxiety,insomnia and it worked great. but i may would check with my say it would be fine...ive been on that dose for 3 years and now problems:) free discount card

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