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Can I swim with my fentanyl patch on? I just started them today and in 8 days I go to Fl?

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Inactive 12 May 2011

Yes, but you're going to need to do some extra adhesive to keep it on. Get a tape bandage - such as cloth tape by 3M like they use to hold an IV in place - one that is strong, with a strong adhesive. Cover over the sides of your patch, extending beyond the edges. Yes, you'll have a wierd suntan. This should keep it on though, and it is ok to cover the patch with the tape. You don't want your patch coming off early and not having a replacement for it. I used a roll-type bandage called Hypafix that I ordered through my drugstore for many years to go in the hot tub and pool and it worked. Have fun!

cmdavies 12 May 2011

Thank you for your help. I have a busy summer planned as well so I guess I will invest in some 3M fabric tape. I'm not worried about the tan so much as I am having the patch come off.

Inactive 12 May 2011

I hear you - running out of patches early just cannot happen! I always put mine on the outer part of my upper arm. It was either on one arm or the other. The hair just stopped growing in after awhile so it didn't hurt to take the extra adhesive off. The only time my patch showed was when I was in a bathing suit. This is the first summer I haven't worn one in 12 years, so it feels a bit weird to go swimming or in the hot tub and not have a big white thing on my arm! Weird, but nice too.

Kalena Lynn 15 May 2011

I use clear adhesive patches on top of my fentanyl patch. They are like the patches used in hospitals over IV sites. They come in various sizes and the brand name is Tegaderm. They are very expensive but depending on your insurance, partial cost is covered if your physician gives you a written RX. They are wonderful.

BRRMARS 12 May 2011

i was on the patch for a year and in swim therepy, i wore it under the bathing suite with that sticky cloth wrap and your doc can give you some medical adhesive glue that works really well. i didn't have any problems, those suckers if you can get them to stick the first hour, you'll probably be able to keep it on for the full 72 hrs even with swimming.

cmdavies 12 May 2011

Thank you for your answer as well... being in swim therapy you should have a pretty good idea on how well they stick. I tried my 1st patch today and it is sticking great. hopefully it stays that way.

jaypee 12 May 2011

Yes u can go swimming but use that medical tape & tape the edges they have this other clear adhesive now that goes accross the patch.cause loosint 1 & u dont have an extra isnt something u want to deal with @ the hospital.all the explaining u have to do.what is the other thing ur swiching too i didnt understand?does the patch burn your skin?it did me.but i wish i had them now.its the best medicine n the world for pain.

cmdavies 14 May 2011

No, the patch doesnt burn my skin. I did use the 3M paper tape in the shower and the bottom piece held perfect, the top didnt. I think I had my patch too close to my upper breast rather than upper chest. I guess I didn't understand exactly where to put it. I definately won't put it there again. I was also suggested by my moms friend to take hospital strength isopropyl alcohol to clean the area around where the patch is going to stick to first and that way it rids the area of any oils in your skin. I am going to try that. I also was told to try Tegraderm patches to put over the patch, they are what hospitals use to hold iv's in place. I bought a 3M package of them to try too.
As for your other question... I am also on Percocet for in between, breakthrough pain. I really hope these patches help me because my main pain meds so far I keep becoming tolerant to. free discount card

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