Hello, my name is Okay, I've been on subbie (tx) for 9 mos. my highest daily dose was 8mg. Now I am down to 1mg a day, for the past week. Prior to I was self medicating on methadone for almost 1 year, at around 5mg a day getting down to just 2mg a day, then switching to subs. I know the history may not be necessary, just posting it for accuracy. I'm tapering now & having trouble sleeping, a lot of restless legs (grrr).. I'm going to try & split my 1mg dose in the am-pm in order to sleep a little better. Ultimately I am so afraid of withdrawal it's unbelieveable, I try to convince myself I can take the discomfort for whatever amount of time it is, but in the end I know I struggle with willpower. I feel like my soul has been buried by the subs & I have lost much of my enthusiasm & motivation & truly want off this with all my heart & soul. Please w/ all sincerity, is it possible to get through this withdrawal, is it as horrid as a lot of people say it is? I really need to do this, I'm tired of being in bondage by this drug & need to start living again.. Thanks everyone..
Hugs~ Okay