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Can I substitute Atenolol for Lisinopril?

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Rajive Goel 16 Sep 2011

Please do not do it without seeking advice from your doc.

Atenolol is a prescription medicine that has been licensed to treat several conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. It is part of a class of drugs called beta blockers.

Lisinopril is a prescription medicine licensed to treat several conditions related to the heart and blood vessels. Some uses of the medication include:

Controlling high blood pressure (hypertension), treating congestive heart failure, improving survival following a heart attack. However, it is not a cure for high blood pressure or congestive heart failure.

Both meds are different to each other with different functions & properties.

Take care, be safe & well, please.

Best wishes.

femmy 16 Sep 2011

I have taken lisinopril before for high blood pressure. It didn't lower my blood pressure very much. Lisinopril is an ACE Inhibitor. I was switched to amlodipine for blood pressure and it is a calcium channel blocker. Amlodipine wasn't controlling my blood pressure so atenolol was added to take together with the amlodipine. Atenolol is a beta blocker. It reduces blood pressure and pulse. I have always had a very high pulse and I believe that had something to do with the reason why amlodipine nor lisinopril would work well by themselves.

They do make blood pressure medicines that contain two or more medicines in one to control blood pressure. However, I don't know if you are taking lisonopril for high blood pressure or not. So I don't know if I am providing the right info you need.

As the other poster stated, it is always important to seek the advice of your physician and get his approval before changing from one medication to another and/or changing dosing. Perhaps, if you provide more information on why you want to take atenolol instead of lisinopril, I can provide more helpful information.

The various types of blood pressure medicines do different things to lower blood pressure. It can tricky with a lot of trial and error to determine which med or meds work best for an individual. If you are taking both to control blood pressure, taking atenolol alone could cause an increase in blood pressure as both medicines were playing an important role. free discount card

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