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Can I stop this ibupropion rs on my own. That's wellbutrin sr 150 and my doc has me taken xanax too?

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Bsteinbrueck 31 Mar 2010

NEVER stop a prescription drug without your doctors assistance. It's NEVER a good idea... ESPECIALLY with these kinds of medications.
If you're serious about wanting to get off the med tho, talk to your doctor. They can help you wean off of it, or give you reasons why you shouldn't.
May I ask why you want to stop the bupropion?


because i'm finding myself aggitated, i feel like crying and have cried, like now but i'm holding it back. i'm unemployed from a golf course that i've worked for 10 yrs and they fired me because my superintendant retired. but losing that job isn't whats making me wanna go out and hurt someone, i'm fearing life, i worry constantly over silly things, i'm afraid every day, and yes i'm ready to go { die } my brain feels scattered and very abnormal. i just wanna scream at the top of my lungs. no, i'm not suicidal, god is against that.i have a drs appointment tomarrow thursday 4-1 my family doc and i'm gonna see if he'l switch me over to paxels. and another thing is i'm haveing to barrow money from a family relative for those meds, i don't qualify for medicaid because i'm not over 65 yrs of age and don't have kids living w/me nor am i disabled, so can't get help there.


one more thing, i can't remember alot of things. i forget. i forget important dates u tell me one thing and the next i forgot or forget things. when i read something, watch a show or make an appointment for what ever it is i forget.i can't recall what was said or what i just said.wish my family and friends were here to back me up on all my issues. oh well

Bsteinbrueck 2 Apr 2010

Wow. It sounds like you're dealing with a lot. It also sounds like a lot of the things you mentioned could be caused by smaller amounts of issues that can be dealt with. Like fearing the day, a racing heart, and forgetting things can all be caused by major anxiety. I think you should form a list of anything that is bothering you at this time in your life including what you've written here and tell your doctor about them.
Also, i highly recommend talking to a psychiatrist if you possibly can. I know money-wise things are tight but if you can manage a couple appointments somehow it may give you loads of insight and help in dealing with whatever is causing you pain. free discount card

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