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Can I stop taking my mirtazapine stright away or should I go back to my doctor?

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Psyched 4 Apr 2010

Husband 2010,
I don't think it would matter, but personally I would err on the side of caution and ask your prescriber before discontinuing Remeron suddenly. Better to be safe than sorry.

j3nj3n 28 Apr 2010

Defibitely dont recommend coming straight off them-I did that last month and was ok for about 12 days but have had to go back on them because I became ill again.Its always best to discuss with your doctor if you want to come off them .He/she will be able to monitor how you react and take you down slowly.

Inactive 30 Oct 2011

Hello husband 2010. Just to add my thoughts, mirtazapine needs to be tapered of from. I'm currently on a high dose, 135 mg, and If I don't take my full dose, I can feel it. Say I only take 90mg. I become restless, not anxious though. Thats just not by stopping mirtazapine, thats just from not taking the full amount, so again, I' certainly not be stopping it to you. free discount card

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