I am 30 yrs old and a single mom of 2, and I saw a psychiatrist last week for the first time bc ive been feeling down alot lately, really stressed out with financial issues... to the point where I dont even feel like getting up in the morning. I talked to her for 45 min and she somehow diagnosed me with bi-polar??? I went in to maybe get a low dose anti-depressant and came out with a mood stabilizer 60mg Geodon?? after being willing to try anything, I accepted it and left. The first 2 night I took it on a partially full stomach to get use to it.. the third and fourth nights I took it on a full stomach... the next day I was feeling soo paranoid.. it took me an hour to put on my makeup when it usually only takes me 5 minutes.. I was late for work bc I had to make sure my room was cleaned.. I NEVER clean my room in the morning!!! I feel like everyone is looking at me and talking about me??? (NEVER felt like this??? ) I wasnt goin to think twice about stoppin this until I saw all these posts on the internet about Geodon withdraw??? Im scared to go off of it and Im scared to stay on it!! I called the doctor and left a message on the nurses line but they probably won't return my call till tomorrow.. can I not take it tonight???