hi guys,as some of you know I am one of those people that has a hard time with side effects from meds.that said I ,like you have many outside stressers.today I was talking to a neighbor I had not met before and all of a sudden I was just rambling on I was aware of it but really felt like the poor women was a wee bit confused.I have no clue what just happened,I am lucky that in most social situations I am very adept that sounds snotty,I am comfortable.I came inside and really ,I cannot figure this out ..I recently shared abot my husband,and also that I was thinking seriously about trying to taper of the meds,hydro ultram,soma,my dr. Says that it's always best to take less but I also need to manage pain.
See what I mean?one question at a time!p.s. I am not on anything rite now this really has me perplexed,thanx,c