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Can I smoke pot and take my lisinopril hctz for my blood preasure or will I die or have problems?

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barbles2413 16 Feb 2010


Hope this helps

chronicpainhurts 16 Feb 2010

I AGREE! WHY TAKE THE CHANCE? I am on lisinipril, and I WOULDN"T! hope this helps too

buddha1976 16 Feb 2010

I was just wondering I used to smoke pot its been like 5 years since the last time I quit because of having to take these meds but I was just wondering about it because the other day someone was smoking and it smelt so good and was tempted to try it again but I don't think I will risk it

itsmetoo2 16 Feb 2010

Yes, why take the chance. You said something interesting, you smell it you want it. That is the way the cig. manfactures get people hooked, then you go off of smoking. Then you smell it and want to smoke again. This is a real curse.

buddha1976 16 Feb 2010

I just want to say thanks for reading and responding and the temptation is great but I will not do it I have to much to loose

barbles2413 16 Feb 2010

I applaude you Congratulations for realizing IT IS JUST NOT WORTH IT free discount card

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