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Can I receive medical marijuana to lower my blood pressure?

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Rajive Goel 1 Feb 2012

Why do you want marijuana prescribed to lower your blood pressure? Many other meds are available to lower blood pressure.

jdparker1953 10 Dec 2017

I have taken many blood pressure drugs since the 1980s and my blood pressure runs 180/108 131/94 151/88 153/90 185/102 175/102 176/103 Medical Marijuana 109/76 . This happens when i go to Colorado to check out my medical . I am a cancer patient plus many serious diseases that Medical Marijauna would help with but i live in Oklahoma . It appears to me that selling their drugs is more important than my cure . I was damaged by Darvon and propoxaphene which i was named in a national lawsuit but the payment is small i will have to live with the damage that the drugs have done to me until i die . Marijuana dose not do damage that i have experienced . I know i could live a better life not taking the many man made drugs i have to take daily but simple use a little Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma .

Inactive 1 Feb 2012

It depends on if your state you live in has legalized it for one, & as Rajive pointed out, there are better BP lowering drugs than MJ. Hope this helps...

jdparker1953 10 Dec 2017

I have taken most blood pressure drugs for thirty years they are not working and i am in Oklahoma now what ? free discount card

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