Okay I have been on percs and then Roxy 15's and occasionally oc's for a little over 8 months. At first I was eating them and then started snorting. I was taking between 50 to 100 mg's a day and found myself hooked. I HAVE to get off. I started taking suboxone 8 days ago. I read yalls post and seen that the sooner you get off the easier it it is so... I started taking only 2mg once a day for the 1st four days and the 5th and 6th day I took 1 mg and the 7th day and 8th day (today) I took .5mg. My question is, can I stop taking Sub now or should I try to go lower with my dose? Will I have WD from the sub? Since taking the Sub, I have had very few wd symptoms, mostly anxiety and mild muscle aches, and antsy feeling that comes and goes, mostly during the late evening. Any input would be great!
This is my 1st time posting, Hope I did it right :rolleyes:
Is there somewhere else I can post to get more input?