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Can I quit commadine and instead I eat food high in vitamin k?

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Inactive 26 Jan 2012

This would only be advisable if your doctor approves of it. Please consult wiht him/her...

DzooBaby 26 Jan 2012

Vitamin K has no effect on blood clots/blood clotting. Vitamin K effects coumadin by making it less effective. If a person takes too much coumadin and their blood is too "thin" they are given Vitamin K to counteract the effects of coumadin. Ingesting Vitamin K will not do the same thing as taking coumadin tablets. Coumadin is given mainly to prevent the formation of blood clots. If you want to go off the coumadin, you need to discuss the pro's and con's with your Dr. There are no foods that do the same job as coumadin, unfortunately.

pup6767 26 Jan 2012

No sweetie... I would not advise this. In fact Vitamin K is given intravenously to help the blood clot in cases of Coumadin overdose. U r more than likely on Coumadin for a serious problem, ie, a deep vein thrombosis, atrial fibrillation, or a synthetic heart valve. These are all situations which require your blood to b thin. If u want off Coumadin there are other medications which thin your blood but only your doctor will be able to tell u if your condition is one that will allow u to b switched. Do not take this lightly my dear.
I wish u all my best... pup

ErikLakies 27 Jan 2012

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