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Can I pass a urine test tomorrow if I take 2 500mg naproxen today?

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Nana6xs 16 Oct 2010

Honey, Naproxen is not a narcotic or a controlled substance, you can buy it over the counter... so why would it matter? That's not what they are looking for when they do a drug test... believe me, I've had plenty of them for jobs and at my doctors office.

joebud5157 17 Oct 2010

Well thank you "Nana6xs", your response was helpful and more the less what i needed to hear. It was a little late in time, of course you could not have had any part in that what so ever, or otherwise your not to blame, still the same, i greatly apreciate the response. I will have to be truthful hear now, the tests that I have to take are more on the legal side of things is all. Im not taking a urine test for a new job, so lets just say i got into a little bit of trouble, but i am taking care of that now. I am also going into my 12th month of sobriety as well. I was highly addicted to anything for pain relief. I am only 26 and have had 2 back surgerys. I know, any exscuse is no exscuse for an addiction, but none the less, i was on a downward spiral to rock bottem. Once my 2nd surgery was over, i was put on much higher doses prescribed by my doctors. free discount card

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