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Can I mix xanax and clonazepam?

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LaurieShay 1 Mar 2011

Hey loricass,

There are no interactions specific to taking these two drugs together. That being said, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Did your doctor prescribe these two medications to be taken together? They are both for anxiety and panic disorder while the clonazepam is also prescribed for seizures. It may be overkill taking these two together for the condition you have. Please consult your doctor before taking these two medications at the same time.

Hope this helps,


caringsonbj 1 Mar 2011

Hello Loricass,
As long as your doctor is aware that you are taking these two medications together then that is important, Laurie is right but sometimes doctor's do these things for a reason, Please know that we do care and are here if you should have further questions take care,

jk13 1 Mar 2011

Often due to the extreme similarities between the two meds, doctors don't like to prescribe both Xanax and Clonazepam due to both being extremely similar in effects, and are difficult to distinguish between the two. It also becomes a bit more complicated if you ever want to get off of the benzos. Generally speaking, having one effective med is better than taking two, same is true with the Opioids for the most part, although sometimes you need something for breakthrough pain. On that same logic, I personally thought that having a low does of Klonopin working in the system around the clock would be great, and then just take the Xanax for when there's a peak in anxiety, but my doc basically told me that it was a bad idea for the reasons that I listed above. Please remember that I'm not a doctor, and the info that I'm providing is relayed via what I was told. It could very well be that my doc didn't like the idea due to the FDA or for some other reason...

Anonymous 1 Mar 2011

Loricass~ My dr recently ordered xanax for me. I am currently on 2mg of Klonopin at night. He told me when I start the xanax to stop the klonopin and he told me the same thing when he put me on Valium. I dont know about the Cymbalta but the way he explained it the Valium and Xanax with the Klonopin could make it more potent and that was his concern. One needed to replace the other. Your dr may tell you different. I hope this helps

Cathleen186 1 Mar 2011

Hi there, I used to have a prescription for both meds. I would take the Klonopin .5 3Xdaily and the Xanax PRN as needed for panic attacks. Now I am on Ativan, but the Xanax is still is PRN. Hope this helps,

titansmvc 2 Mar 2011

Hi, Im about to wing off klonopin ,5 twice a day because it is making me very nervous. My psych suggested clorazepate or chlordiazepaxide. My blood pressure has been up every since the klonopin (16 months) but I got a excellent report from my cardiologist. He says its anxiety and he's patients take Ativan, valium. klonopin or xanax. Could anyone tell me if they have had any good experience with the meds the psych is thinking about? Thanks

Cathleen186 3 Mar 2011

Sorry don't know those 2 at all.

Jo Ann Lundblad 21 May 2017

After takin 1mg of Klonopin and having major depressive unexplained crying and feeling helpless what good would it do to take a Xanax to calm me down?

WildcatVet 21 May 2017

It would be like taking two double shots of Jack Daniels straight up!!

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