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Can I mix moviprep with gaterade?

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15 May 2011

The instructions say to use mix the powder with a clear fluid - if gatorade is clear then is is probably ok. Check with your doctor / surgery if you are unsure.

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16 May 2011

I would check with the Dr who prescribed it or better yet the pharmacist. Gatoraid has a lot of electrolytes and may change the balance of the medication.

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17 May 2011

I had my colonoscopy last Fall, and the instruction sheet said YES, you could use gatorade, but NOT the red, purple or orange colors--the same with Jello, which was also allowed.
***AFTER my test, while I was still in recovery, I started talking with the nurses about how nauceous (sp?) those Movi-Prep drinks made me. They told me there is not a new product out, where you just take PILLS, not the awful liquid--and it works the same!!!
Good Luck to you, Mary, madhatter

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Anonymous 17 May 2011

T... hey better be before my next colonoscopy! I hated drinking all that stuff!

17 May 2011

I guess its always best to check with the gastroenerologist but my neighbor just had it done and they had her mix the merilax in a great big jug of Gatorade but like the other I guess checking with the doctor is always best

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caringsonbj 17 May 2011

NO NEVER red Jell-o when eating or using red gatorade either

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