am a little nervous about posting this up but my boyfriend of almost two years is a heroin and crack addict. I knew about the heroin but didn't know about the crack until recently. He is on parole and also has a 10:00pm curfew. He's been in and out of jail most of his adult life. He's abusive and hits me at times due to him thinking I am always cheating on him. Sunday he got mad about a text message that was sent. He slammed me down on our living room floor slapped me and injured my arm and shoulder. The rest of the day I was distant didn't sleep next to him. Which upset him.The next morning he left to attend his drug treatment program which is outpatient. We argued slightly however I didn't say much I just said whatever in the process of all him leaving he stole the remaining amount due on my rent which was 540. He didn't come home last night so his PO will issued a warrant for his arrest. I called the jails and the hospitals he is nowhere to be found I am getting so worried I don't know what to do. I spoke with his parole agent about putting him into a inpatient he agreed and said he would recommend him to go into a 6 month program. Which I felt bad about telling him the truth. I don't have all my rent yet I am ashamed to ask my family for help. I am sacred something has happened to him and he may never show back up. This is the fourth or fifth time he has stolen from me. Today I contacted interventionist and rehabs but I am not sure that's going to help. Is there anyway to help him I love him so much someone please tell me what to do. Is there any hope for our relationship??