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Can I give my child pain relief for teething while she is takeing c-phen dm?

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itsmetoo2 18 Dec 2009

Try some Orajel. Also jello and for the little ones jello water. Jello has gelatin which strengthens bones. Teeth are bones. So for me I think this is a natural part of life. I really feel that pain relievers is an over kill. I know it hurts do not get me wrong, that is why I have sought out options.

I wish you hours of good sleep
(Only a mom would understand that statement)

Russell Bailie 18 Dec 2009

believe me, a dad understands too. thats what i am. and thanks. i dont like giving her any kind of drug but it breaks my heart to see her in any pain.

itsmetoo2 19 Dec 2009

Sorry... I should never assume that a mom is the one taking a big step like this. Congradulations Dad... Do what I suggested and your little one will start to feel better. Also give the little one something to chew on. Zwiback Toast is the first thing that comes to mind. Don't worry if you eat some too, they are quite good. free discount card

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