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Can I give it to my dog for pain his 80pounds and has stichtes?

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Delila 26 Sep 2011

Hi, what is it you want to give to your dog?

Inactive 26 Sep 2011

Do not give your dog Tylenol, It is like giving them poison. If anything give him an aspirin & make sure there is no tylenol in it. One 325mg aspirin will be fine. Call your vet in the morning...

Delila 26 Sep 2011

Hi, sorry to disagree, but i am a veterinary nurse and aspirin can actually cause several complications in dogs given at that dose. I don't want to upset anyone, but i thought it was important to say

Inactive 26 Sep 2011

Deliah, just going by my own Vets reccomendations. Mary

Delila 27 Sep 2011

Ok, same here. Maybe i'll do some research on it : )

LoveBug323 26 Sep 2011

Hi my advice is call your vet! If your doggy is in pain they will tell you what to give, there is over the counter drugs dogs can take but only under the supervision of a vet or through the Vet they have pain medication most potient for a dog is tramadol... sorry if I misspelled. I know my motherin-laws dog takes this for hip problems but this dog is on its last legs, 15 years old and blind. Good luck

Delila 26 Sep 2011

Hi, depending on your dogs condition/the reason why he/she needs pain relief, tramadol are generally fine. As a frame of reference... a 20kg dog would be OK receiving 1 x 50mg capsule twice daily - but check with the vet for your dogs specific needs. Good call LoveBug. free discount card

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